1. Tickets


We recommend buying your flight tickets before January 30th. Flight tickets will most likely go up after that. 


- Easiest way

Osaka: KIX (Kansai International Airport) or ITM (Itami Airport)


- Long way - Tokyo: NRT or Haneda

*if you plan on sightseeing Tokyo this will be a better route and cheaper air fare.

You can take the Shinkansen (The bullet Train, usually the Nozomi line) and it will take about 2:30hours to get to Kyoto from Tokyo.


2. From the airport

- Easiest way

If you are landing in Osaka, you can reserve a MK shuttle that will take you directly to where you are staying.

You can reserve from here: http://www.mktaxi-japan.com/kyotoshuttle-m


- Long way

If you'd like to experience the train from the moment you get there, you can always take the train (Usually you’ll ride the Haruka line)


3. Transportation

If you plan on taking the fast train (Shinkansen) around to visit more than a few different cities, we recommend for you to buy the unlimited JR pass. Here’s the link: http://www.jrpass.com/


*It’s not worth it if you’re only going between Tokyo and Kyoto


4. Wifi

You can reserve a pocket wifi to pick up, and then you will be able to drop it off from any mailbox at the end of your trip. This will be extremely helpful to get around for messaging and gps.

Here's a few different links: http://ninjawifi.com/en/ http://wifi-honpo.com/


5. Where to stay

Hotels are pretty much everywhere!

But there's a lot of Airbnbs that you can stay in. 

Here are some convenient areas you can stay:

- Gion (you will see lots of geishas in this area. Still close to everything)

- Shijyo - Karasuma (center of all the metro lines)

- Karasuma Oike

- Kawaramachi (center of downtown)

- Kyoto Station


Anywhere along the Hankyu line, or the Karasuma line will be easy to get around by train.


If you’d like to stay in a traditional hotel that serves you food and sometimes has the hot spring (Onsen) which is called a “Ryokan” for a few days, contact Emi and she can tell you some places you can stay at :) 


*We recommend you to book ASAP since April is high season because of the cherry blossoms!


6. Pre-Wedding party

4/1 (sat) 7:00 - 10:00pm

We are mainly having this party with our Japanese friends. But if you'd like to join you are more than welcome!  We are doing this the traditional Japanese way, which you will have to pay ¥7000 (This includes food, drinks, and prizes from the games we are playing).


6. Wedding day

4/3 (mon) 11:00am

We will have family lunch after at a traditional Japanese restaurant - place to eat us not decided yet!


*The Shimogamo-Shrine policy is 15 people total from each side of the family. If there’s more than 15 on the Kitawaki side, you may be shifted to the Salmin’s side



Here are the US family members who are thinking about coming to the ceremony if you'd like to coordinate to stay together!










Additionally of course the Kitawakis will be there!